Our Community

Our CommunityInner City Farms as an entity lives and breathes only because of exceptional community collaboration.

Many passionate, and forward-thinking individuals have come together to work, support and lend their life experience and energy to this shared project. Nearly all of these impassioned people are volunteers. We are idealistic and pragmatic and realistic all at once. We work hard and share knowledge, food, space and company. Certainly we love to farm and grow food. Our community is a true team and everyone who makes this journey possible (from land provider, to volunteer, to shareholder) plays a valued role.

The Inner City Farms community is based around the idea that we are all connected through the simple and beautiful act of eating. This connection is an avenue and opportunity to work together.

We want the option to eat food that feels and tastes holistically healthy. We want food that is socially and ecologically just. Our hope is to live by an expanded concept of “health”. This includes healthy families, communities and our environment in addition to the nutritional building blocks our vegetables provide. Turns out, this community is a strong one, growing and full of all sorts of diverse and fascinating people. We believe access to healthy food is a basic right and are deeply inspired by those who share in the work to make this happen. We are hopeful that our efforts, combined with so many others worldwide can bring us closer and closer to a truly sustainable food system one back yard at a time.