Our Spaces

Our SpacesInner City Farms is a small urban farm in Vancouver made up of even smaller parts. Vancouver is built on unceded Coast Salish territory and our farms are built on private property within our city’s limits. None of the land farmed by ICF is owned by ICF. All of the space we have access to is provided to us my members of the community who believe in our project and see the our gardens as a positive contribution to the neighbourhood. As a result we never talk about “our land” we instead understand our farm as “our spaces”. ICF urban gardens are working spaces. The look and feel of them changes and evolves seasonally as the light, warmth and rainfall levels cycle through the calendar. We are inspired to keep our spaces chemical free, ecologically diverse, production oriented and aesthetically pleasing. We understand that access to land in our home city is a significant privilege. We are committed to exercising that privilege with respect, ambition, joy and innovation. Our spaces reflect who we are, how we share and what we believe is possible and needed in our home. We are committed in our effort to be responsible and generous stewards of this land, at this time. We are also committed to growing as much beautiful and holistically healthy food in our spaces as our resources permit.