Our Veggies

Our VeggiesOur Veggies

All of our vegetables are grown in Vancouver, our home city. The climate here is excellent for growing food nearly all year and different crops thrive under differing conditions. The food we grow best reflects what is suited to this environment. We emphasize diversity each season and try to grow as many different and beautiful vegetables as possible. Leafy greens and brassicas are usually very successful here, and that translates to the happiest of kales, collards and chard! Leafy greens are staple crops at ICF. We do grow heat lovers too, and nearly everything in between. Our distribution is primarily based on harvest memberships that last the entire season. Therefore, we try to grow as much different and exciting stuff as possible to keep our harvests interesting, diverse and fresh. That said, our produce is hyper-seasonal and climate relative: no pineapple, no avocadoes, no limes or lemons. Consuming what Inner City Farms grows connects eaters to what is possible if they chose to eat what their local geographic place allows and provides. There are no tomatoes in February, nor is there asparagus in October in this region. When you support us, by consuming what we provide and grow, you are connecting to the season, this place and truly consuming in a way that makes sense.

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