July 21st CSA Harvest & Pick-Up

Things are rolling along quite nicely with all this heat and sunshine. The proof of Cam’s skills with the veggies are best reflected in the pudding…and this week’s pudding champ is the Charmane Cabbage. Quite photogenic as you will see below – Anne Geddes style, sort of, just imagine some babies in between the plants.


So many good shots this harvest, it was hard to limit the entry to the selection below. Hope you like ’em!

Southlands fertility
A proud moment for Jen, but for everyone really, especially Jen.

First of three Graydon shots!
Charmants ready to go

King Josh
2 of 3
The List

Well deserved

3 of 3, he has his father’s taste in ice cream
Smiling shareholder!
A thing of beauty
Post harvest feast for the crew

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July 14th CSA Harvest & Pick-Up

Some nice diversity creeping into the boxes this week:

Harvest List

A common question we heard yesterday was, “What can I do with kohlrabi?” Here’s a recipe for one of our favourite ways to prepare the beautiful swollen stem (taken from conversations and experiences in Elaine’s kitchen):

1. Place the kohlrabi in the fridge for a few hours to get it nice and kool.
2. Peel off outer layer, compost peelings, then chop what remains into long slices, no more than 1/4 inch thick.
3. Add salt (to taste) and the juice of a lime, stir it up.
4. Serve with a nice pilsner, like Central City’s Red Racer Pilsner

Here are some images from yesterday’s work party. Especially nice are the warba potatoes!

Jen getting her hands dirty
Mills and Steph, sunhats in shade style.
Beautiful Tokyo Cross Turnips!
The soil in Southlands makes for some sweet carrots
Naz inspecting the spread

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July 7th CSA Harvest & Pick-Up

With the hot weather comes plant growth and busy farmers. Cam’s been putting in long hours to keep up with the weeds and the watering. His hard work, with the help of our amazing farm-hands, is paying off. Check out this week’s box, lots of pics:

Rosco packing the truck

Lady scapes, season 4
This week’s items, presented by Drill
The set-up
Drill, Cam, Mills
Winterbor Kale

Bergman’s Green Leaf Lettuce
Purple Scallions
Last of the garlic scapes, from the creole varieties

Joi Choi
Champion Collards

See y’all next week at the Marche

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Harvest #1 – June 23, 2013

It feels nice to get the veggies out into the community! It was a good looking harvest and a good looking crew helping out. Here’s some images of the scene on Sunday:

Lots of hands for harvesting in Little Mountain
Peeking in on the new pick-up location, tucked in the backyard of Le Marche St George
The list
Panorama of the set-up
Garlic scapes, radishes and heirloom tomato starts
Russian red kale & baby bok choi
Beautiful colours!
Ted & Elaine, 4th year CSA shareholders!

Reminder: no pick up on the long weekend, see y’all on Sunday, July 7th.

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Often, I feel like radishes don’t get the respect they deserve – they’re easy to grow, quick to mature (28 days for many varieties), like cool weather, have punch-in-the-face flavour and delicious greens (perfect in soup and stir-fry).

Often, I am the first to trash-talk the radish once real vegetables are ready later on in the season.  So before the inevitable betrayal occurs, here’s some photos to honour the radish.

French Breakfast variety

Reds from the Easter Egg blend

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Little Mountain Baseball League Minor Division Champs

Congratulations to the ICF Little Mountain Baseball team! They captured the coveted Minor Division Championship trophy.

We were told that the team proudly refers to themselves as the “Farmers”!

Check ’em out…

Coach Doug Mollenhauer
Assistant Coach: Eric MacNaughton

Yasin Kurji, Bohdan Lee, Luke Norman, Nathan Gill, Marcus Solbrekken, Oliver MacNaughton, Sam Coderre, Ravi Nichols, James Pesklewis, Isaac Biegel Evans, Owen Mollenhauer, Daniel Moore-Tate and Sean Gisel

We look forward to helping support the next crop of LMB champs next season!

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Japanese Magazine Article

ICF featured in Coco, a Vancouver-based Japanese magazine.

The article says it all! Flip left to page 13-12.

(don’t click, just image)

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Iterative Regeneration

Our model of land ‘tenure’ (i.e. being invited to co-inhabit spaces with wonderful land-donors and therefore growing food on land that is not our own) comes with a few provisos:

1. We will inevitably lose a few yards each year (last year we lost 5! Heartbreaking really)
2. We will always have to find new land to convert each season (as per previous posts…)

So being in our 4th year of community engagement, we are developing quite an attachment to some of the spaces (and people) that have been around from the beginning. Here are pics of Ron’s place in Mount Pleasant. Ron’s been a huge supporter of our project and it has been an honour to grow veggies in his yard. His yard had such bad chafer beetle damage that we didn’t need to cut the sod, just raked it up, added manure, tilled and dug the beds.

First Season, spring 2010
Amazing corn that year!
Beautiful early season cauliflower and kale last year
Followed by killer bush beans and an epic monster of a volunteer sunflower
And just this week, a little love and ready to go

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More Spring Cleaning

We have been putting our new farm crew to work with sod removal and now garden revival. We sort of fizzled out last fall after the garlic plant and neglected a few of our spaces. Other plants, I have heard them called weeds, took the opportunity to enjoy some nutritious soil in the absence of other vegetative occupants. Regretfully, they new-comers have been evicted. Silver lining? They’ll become compost!

Steve’s backyard
Jen & Nicole plating potatoes
Rosco & Brennan & spuds
R & B and weeds
Melinda & Jen in the shade (and weeds)
Sunshine without weeds
Hosing off the mud in east East Van
Happy neighbours, Gladys & Trina, score some green garlic for dinner

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Spring Cleaning with Michael Sider

We are fortunate to have Michael Sider working with us to help document the many stories that unfold in the gardens and in the community over the course of a growing season. Michael not only produces amazing images and videos, he’s also great to have around while working the soil and tending the plants.

Here’s a particularly wonderful video he produced for the Vancouver Farmers Markets Society in collaboration with Campagnolo. I don’t recommend watching on an empty stomach.

And here are some images from our clean up in adjacent front-yard gardens in Mount Pleasant (courtesy of Michael Sider).

The weekend farmers
Overwintered, beautiful, but a little bit like cardboard on the plate to be honest
Sweetest carrots of the season
A mini stand of kale trees

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