Harvest #3 – July 8, 2012

Apologies for the delay between postings…

Today’s harvest had a slow start thanks to Peter (& Katie!). The whole ICF crew was fortunate enough to attend Peter & Katie’s magical wedding. Unfortunately, we suffered 2 casualties: Claire, we hope you find your bike and are glad you got home in one piece; and Mills, we hope your golf game this afternoon did not suffer from your enthusiasm on the dance floor. Here’s a nice picture captured by Camil.

The lovely couple

And here are the veggies of the week. Of special note, the extraordinarily large Romaine lettuce.

Romaine, Conquistador
Kale, Redbor
Scallions, Kincho
Radishes, Ping Pong
Garlic Scapes
Fresh Mint

And one more harvest picture

Lady Scapes

Thanks again for helping with the post-wedding harvest.

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