October 13th CSA Harvest & Pick-Up

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are a few images from our holiday harvest…

In the gardens:

Jen, Melinda, carrots, flowers, October sunshine

Pollan-esque: Who knows what lies in the heart of a Swiss Chard?

Modeling hyper-local wedding bouquets

The Chalkboard and Product Shots

More artists at the Marche
Sage, Bay & Rosemary

Garlic, Yugoslavian variety

Rainbow Chard & Kale ensemble

Sweet fall Carrots

Carson with flecks of Dragon Tongue

Pictures of the Help

Drill & Mills

Little Ms Cora Mills

Happy hens!

 Looks like our last harvest will be next Sunday, October 20th. We’ll re-assess while in the gardens and let shareholders know at pick-up. Cheers!

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