October 20th CSA Harvest & Pick-Up

It looks like this was the last harvest of the season for ICF. A very big Thank You to all of our CSA shareholders, land providers, associates, interns and volunteers. It takes a lot of hands to grow food and we are grateful for your energy and allowing us to be a part of your community.

We still have much work to do cleaning up our growing spaces and preparing the soil for winter rains. We will continue to post updates through the blog and other social media sorts over the next few months…

Pictures from our harvest:

8am at Matchstick for coffee

American Gothic #1: Mills and Galen
American Gothic #2: Mills and Galen
The Spread
Red Ace Beets
Bok Choi
Sweet Onions
Leningrad Garlic
Mixed Bouquet: Lacinato, Winterbor, Rainbow Chard & Collards
Purple Top Turnips

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October 13th CSA Harvest & Pick-Up

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are a few images from our holiday harvest…

In the gardens:

Jen, Melinda, carrots, flowers, October sunshine

Pollan-esque: Who knows what lies in the heart of a Swiss Chard?

Modeling hyper-local wedding bouquets

The Chalkboard and Product Shots

More artists at the Marche
Sage, Bay & Rosemary

Garlic, Yugoslavian variety

Rainbow Chard & Kale ensemble

Sweet fall Carrots

Carson with flecks of Dragon Tongue

Pictures of the Help

Drill & Mills

Little Ms Cora Mills

Happy hens!

 Looks like our last harvest will be next Sunday, October 20th. We’ll re-assess while in the gardens and let shareholders know at pick-up. Cheers!

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October 6th CSA Harvest & Pick-Up

The contents of this week’s box will help you become a culinary legend by making the best mashed potatoes ever. Invite friends over to share, it’s the type of dish that they will tell their grandchildren about.

  • First, roast the Leningrad garlic (it may still remain spicy, but that’s fine, our solution will be dilution).
  • Next, make some mashed potatoes with the Chieftains and Fingerlings (don’t peel, leave the red flecks to stimulate the visual cortex). 
  • Sautee the Collard Greens a la Martha, but chop them quite thinly – tiny little strips. Very thin.
  • Then, chop up the fall scallions.
  • Mix it all together – roasted garlic, mashed potatoes, collards and scallions.
  • Serve and humbly receive accolades. 
  • (Roasted beets on the side – olive oil, salt & pepper – would be a nice touch too)
El pizarron


Mixed spuds

Red Ace Beets

Fall Scallions

Killer collards

Pick up!

We will have a harvest next week as well. See y’all then.

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