Harvest #14 – October 7, 2012

This week is the last harvest for our CSA and it was a good size share to round out the season. Thanks to all of our shareholders for your support. The process of growing, harvesting and sharing produce is made that much better by knowing that the goods are going to feed amazing people. We feel blessed to be a part of your community.

Pics from the morning’s harvest:

Bunching carrots
Counting collards
A weird carrot (for Russia)

This week’s items:

  • Chesnok or Russian Red Garlic
  • Lemon Cukes
  • Green Beans
  • Chieftain Potatoes
  • Mixed Tomatoes
  • Collard Greens
  • Red Ace & Chioggia Beets
  • Scarlett Nantes Carrots
  • Redwing Onions
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
Red Ace Beets
Collard Greens
Green Beans
Redwing Onions, soil and all
Carrot close-ups
Cukes in October
Last of the spuds

And an enormous shouting THANKS to our incredible interns, who have now become official ICF associates and good friends. We are beyond fortunate and eternally grateful for your presence in the gardens this season.

Setting the bar pretty high!

There’s still lots of work left and we will continue to post our progress over the next couple of months. Please contact us (info@innercityfarms.com) if you are interested in purchasing any garlic (see previous post for available varieties, excluding the creoles) or getting on the 2013 CSA list (5 shares sold already!).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Harvest #13 – September 30, 2012

First off, a quick reminder to our shareholders that there will be a harvest next Sunday! Come early so that the ICF veggies can be incorporated into your Thanksgiving meal. We are usually set up and ready to go right at 2:30pm, just in time for turkey.

Thanks again to Owen, Naomi and everyone else involved in last night’s Railway Moonshiner. The food was excellent, the drinks were incredible (both the R & B cask and the ‘Hoppy Hemingway’ cocktail) and the space was inspirational. Met a number of interesting folks too and had great conversations about food and farming. My iPhone photography doesn’t do it justice but here’s a glimpse of the transformed working space at Union Wood Co.

The space cleans up nicely.

 We had lots of bodies out for today’s harvest which was perfect for combing through the bush beans. This freed up sometime for pollinator stalking. Our volunteer sunflowers were attracting some native and honey bees, the former looking a little shaky but still out and about in the late season.

Beautiful little Bombus
Still punching the clock as we head into Fall

r = c sqrt{n},
theta = n times 137.5^{circ},

Here’s the crew in the beans, beneath the Helianthus tree.

Reflecting on mixed bunches of kale

As the season wanes, the weekly shares tend to get a little smaller. Here’s today’s harvest line-up:

  • Carrots, scarlett nantes 
  • Mixed bag of tomatoes (copia, green zebra, sungolds, cherries, orange russian, and Siebenbürgen)
  • Green wax beans
  • Persian star garlic
  • Mixed kale, winterbor & redbor
  • Lemon cucumbers
Some phenomenal carrots this week
Killer kale
Siebenbürgen tomato
Orange Russians
Green beans still holding on
The Drill on patrol

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This Week’s Oppenheimer Harvest

Because a portion of the cost of each CSA share is earmarked for Oppenheimer Community Kitchen harvests, we like to keep y’all updated on what their share looks like.

Here’s this week’s harvest, featuring beautiful Copia tomatoes, Red Ace beets, Chesnok Red garlic, Redbor kale and sweet Sierra Blanca onions. These veggies will help make a beautiful, nutritious soup!

Thanks to all of our shareholders for helping make this harvest possible

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Harverst #11 – September 16th, 2012

Lots of good pictures and anecdotes from today’s harvest. Beginning with golden mummies and plant idolatry and ending with this week’s veggie profile shots.

First, a love story. A tale of shared pasts and future dependence. For ICF, a relationship that we wish to facilitate as best we can, and like all great matchmakers, we focus on setting the context for companionship and then getting out of the way.

So, what you see below are aphids on the back of a beet leaf.  Some are grey, some are yellow, and some are yellow with little holes in them. The grey ones are alive, likely harbouring a wasp larvae that is in the process of eating its way out of its host. If this is the case, the aphid will turn yellow as it dies and the larvae will spin-up a cocoon and emerge as an adult wasp (see exit holes in some yellow aphids), which will then deposit eggs in other aphids, continuing the cycle. Rumour has it, if 10% of your aphids are yellow, affectionately called Golden Mummies, your aphid problem isn’t a problem, it’s an opportunity to enjoy the company of tiny little parasitic wasps.

Next up, nominee for ICF plant of the year! This volunteer sunflower (it’s just one plant, amazing!) is in Ron’s front yard in Mount Pleasant. It’s incredible. It’s like a tree. It’s like a sunflower patch on its own. Plants continue to blow our minds.

Waist high bush beans? 14ft sunflower? What’s in Ron’s soil?

Beautiful bouquets

Here’s this week’s set up at Le Marche:

Ready to go
A good mix of labour today

And the chalk board sign, courtesy of Rosy!

 And the close-ups:

Chesnok Red

Yellow Wax

Lemon Cukes

Mixed bag of Copia, Sungold and Cherry

Sierra Blanca

Red Ace


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Harverst #10 – September 9th, 2012

Hey hey,

It’s always nice to see everyone after the long weekend gap. The gardens are doing well – veggies and farmers alike were relieved with last night’s rain.

This week’s share:

  • Yellow Wax Beans
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Garlic, Yugoslavian
  • Assorted Summer Squash/Zucchini
  • Collard Greens
  • Swiss Chard
  • Carrots, Scarlett Nantes & Purple Haze
  • Lemon Cukes
  • Mix Bag of Onions: Candy, Redwing & Sierra Blanca 

Here are some images from Le Marche. Lots of family and friends out for a Sunday afternoon coffee. Plus, garlic sales! We will have more garlic for sale by the pound and half-pound denomination, $10 and $5 respectively, next Sunday at Le Marche. Varieties that you can’t find else where (and definitely not for the price).

Some of the goods this week

Will, Drill, Chris & the next generation of producers

The previous generation of farmers and on-going inspiration

Weekly check-in with the ladies – look for Mellifera Honey in shops around the city

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First Harvest – June 17, 2012

Looked like a pretty smooth harvest with all of the helping hands. Things can still grow despite the cooler weather. Cool weather and lots of rain make for the best spring radishes and garlic scapes fill out any meal no matter how you incorporate them.

It begins…

Radishes. Up and down.

Mills in anticipation – tentative, thoughtful, with intention.
The new system makes for a nice photo
Any day now
And sprouts courtesy of M. Chris Thoreau et crew. Merci Chris!

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Vancouver Sun Editorial Cartoon

This editorial cartoon in the Vancouver Sun must be a sign that Urban Farming is entering pop culture!

Here’s an image of our actual “Harvester”

 We refer to it as the Farm Corolla, very reliable (thanks Allison).

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2012 CSA Shares Still Available

We still have a limited number of CSA shares available to the general public for this season.

Shareholders can expect to receive a wide variety of fresh produce from as-early-as-possible in June to late October (weather dependent of course!). Check out our website for more details on signing up and browse through our older blog posts to get an idea of what to expect each week.

Here are 3 of our showcase boxes from last season…mouthwatering, nutritious and sustainable…value you won’t find in a grocery store.

 Week 5
 Week 16
Thanksgiving Box 2011

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Vancouver Sun Article

Thanks to Randy Shore and team at the Vancouver Sun for their article on Urban Farming and Chafer Beetles. Check out the images below for a closer look at larvae and beetle.


Adult Stage

The little white specs are larvae in a small strip of lawn. The urban wildlife (racoons, skunks and crows) root through the sod in order to feast on the grubs. Lawns end up looking like war zones, making a veggie patch a much more attractive alternative (if it wasn’t already!).
Our first response team

The alternative

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Trafalgars Greenest Restaurant Award

Congratulations to Trafalgars Bistro for receiving the Green Award 2012 from Vancouver Magazine!

Inner City Farms has partnered with Trafalgars to help manage their GG-50, an in-vessel composter that enables the 2 businesses (Trafalgars and Sweet Obsession) to manage their organic wastes on-site…all of it! No meat, bones, shells, cakes, table scraps or any other organic material goes to the landfill. And it’s all reincorporated into growing spaces within the city.

Here are some pics of the machine at work.

Will loading food waste from the restaurants
The view from the inside!
For more info, check out these three videos from CBC.

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