Kathmandu Urban Ag Project


Check out the efforts of some like-minded (global) citizens. Their project is called Hariyo Chowk, which means “Green Square” or “Green Commons” in Nepali. The group started transforming a small plot of land in Kathmandu into a community space last spring and have already built a bamboo structure for vertical gardening, a mudbrick oven for cooking, a sunken pit for fires, and a stage for gatherings and film screenings (bicycle powered too!). They’ve also started planting native and edible plants, and hosting work days and workshops. Impressive!

A quick glimpse of the group in action

Here’s their indigogo page if you are interested in helping them reach their goal of raising $5000 to help keep them growing.

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Mark Bomford’s TEDxYale presentation

This is an exceptional presentation by Mark Bomford, former (on-leave) director of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm (aka UBC Farm). He provides a nice framework for understanding the role of urban agriculture in our global food system. Enjoy!

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First Harvest – June 17, 2012

Looked like a pretty smooth harvest with all of the helping hands. Things can still grow despite the cooler weather. Cool weather and lots of rain make for the best spring radishes and garlic scapes fill out any meal no matter how you incorporate them.

It begins…

Radishes. Up and down.

Mills in anticipation – tentative, thoughtful, with intention.
The new system makes for a nice photo
Any day now
And sprouts courtesy of M. Chris Thoreau et crew. Merci Chris!

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Yard Conversions

The grunt work that is converting a yard to raised beds is coming to an end for us.

Our MO is as follows:
1. Remove sod or weed area
2. Add soil amendment
3. Roto-till (only once, we are mindful of soil structure and tilth)
4. Dig beds
5. Let sit for a week or two before planting

Here are a few process pics.

Alfalfa and Buttercup
Here comes the sun
Holy Horsetail!
Intern Claire dominates the equisetum
Weeded, amended, tilled.
Hot stuff!

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A Visit From The Suzuki Diaries

Sarika Cullis-Suzuki dug in and helped us with one of our Inner City Farm harvests for a segment of CBC’s The Nature of Things called Suzuki Diaries: Future City Inner City Farms.

Screenshot of cbc.ca/natureofthings
Will – photo by: Adam Blasberg
Camil – photo by: Adam Blasberg

“…they [the land owners] just not that interested in maintaining a lawn. They are interested in what we’re doing and feel like they are participating in a movement.” ~ Will Valley  

“Instead of putting gas into your lawn mower, dig in with your pitch fork and get Swiss Chard.” ~ Camil Dumont

We always enjoy talking about our food, farms and urban agriculture. (Come visit us – we schedule bike tours of our farms so that our Community Supported Agriculture members can get to know their farmers and see how their food is grown. info@innercityfarms.com.)  

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