July 7th CSA Harvest & Pick-Up

With the hot weather comes plant growth and busy farmers. Cam’s been putting in long hours to keep up with the weeds and the watering. His hard work, with the help of our amazing farm-hands, is paying off. Check out this week’s box, lots of pics:

Rosco packing the truck

Lady scapes, season 4
This week’s items, presented by Drill
The set-up
Drill, Cam, Mills
Winterbor Kale

Bergman’s Green Leaf Lettuce
Purple Scallions
Last of the garlic scapes, from the creole varieties

Joi Choi
Champion Collards

See y’all next week at the Marche

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Harvest #1 – June 23, 2013

It feels nice to get the veggies out into the community! It was a good looking harvest and a good looking crew helping out. Here’s some images of the scene on Sunday:

Lots of hands for harvesting in Little Mountain
Peeking in on the new pick-up location, tucked in the backyard of Le Marche St George
The list
Panorama of the set-up
Garlic scapes, radishes and heirloom tomato starts
Russian red kale & baby bok choi
Beautiful colours!
Ted & Elaine, 4th year CSA shareholders!

Reminder: no pick up on the long weekend, see y’all on Sunday, July 7th.

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Harverst #10 – September 9th, 2012

Hey hey,

It’s always nice to see everyone after the long weekend gap. The gardens are doing well – veggies and farmers alike were relieved with last night’s rain.

This week’s share:

  • Yellow Wax Beans
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Garlic, Yugoslavian
  • Assorted Summer Squash/Zucchini
  • Collard Greens
  • Swiss Chard
  • Carrots, Scarlett Nantes & Purple Haze
  • Lemon Cukes
  • Mix Bag of Onions: Candy, Redwing & Sierra Blanca 

Here are some images from Le Marche. Lots of family and friends out for a Sunday afternoon coffee. Plus, garlic sales! We will have more garlic for sale by the pound and half-pound denomination, $10 and $5 respectively, next Sunday at Le Marche. Varieties that you can’t find else where (and definitely not for the price).

Some of the goods this week

Will, Drill, Chris & the next generation of producers

The previous generation of farmers and on-going inspiration

Weekly check-in with the ladies – look for Mellifera Honey in shops around the city

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First CSA Box – Sunday, June 17th

We are putting together the first of many CSA boxes this Sunday. We do all the harvesting and packaging in the morning, providing our members with the freshest possible veggies (aside from their own gardens). Here are a few details:

Le Marche St George (corner of East 28th and St George)

2:30pm – 6pm


  • Please bring your own grocery bags in which to pack your food to take home. 
  • Feel free to stop by to talk shop with us even if you aren’t a shareholder. You can meet some urban farmers, sip some amazing coffee and eat extraordinary pastries.

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