July 21st CSA Harvest & Pick-Up

Things are rolling along quite nicely with all this heat and sunshine. The proof of Cam’s skills with the veggies are best reflected in the pudding…and this week’s pudding champ is the Charmane Cabbage. Quite photogenic as you will see below – Anne Geddes style, sort of, just imagine some babies in between the plants.


So many good shots this harvest, it was hard to limit the entry to the selection below. Hope you like ’em!

Southlands fertility
A proud moment for Jen, but for everyone really, especially Jen.

First of three Graydon shots!
Charmants ready to go

King Josh
2 of 3
The List

Well deserved

3 of 3, he has his father’s taste in ice cream
Smiling shareholder!
A thing of beauty
Post harvest feast for the crew

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Urban Fruit Trees

Like finding hidden treasure! One of our land donors offered us a share of their Yellow Plum tree and we were more than willing to help off-load the surplus. Plums make pretty good culinary companions, full of b-complex vitamins, Vit K, C & A, beta-carotene, antioxidants, iron, potassium, fiber and on and on…

Urban access for hard to reach fruit

Vancouver has an abundance of fruit trees in residential spaces (and on City property, check out the Foodtree Map) thanks to previous generations’ appreciation for growing food close to home. Recently, the trend of tearing down old houses to make way for the new has sadly included clear-cutting all of the trees on a property. I have seen too many 50+ year old fruit trees been replaced with laurels and other more manageable types of trees. It does take a lot of knowledge to maintain a fruit tree properly, another skill being lost in our increasingly urban population, so if you have a neighbour with an old fruit tree, offer to help out with maintenance, learn a thing or two, and hopefully get rewarded with bags of gold.

30 minutes of ‘work’, not bad
No caption needed

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