Garlic Harvesting 2013

The wave of garlic is crashing on us…it’s being harvested from many sites around the city this week, will cure for a few weeks and then prepped, ready for a new home (your home, inshallah).

Here are a few images to get a sense of the process and stay tuned for more details about the varieties available for purchase!

Ready to be pulled

Nice size bulbs, Leningrad variety
Full load from East Van

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Harvesting Garlic

So it begins. Harvesting the fruit of our efforts from last fall. More accurately, we are harvesting the bulbs of our efforts, but we must live within the limits imposed by our common idioms.

In no particular order of rank, here are the hardneck varieties that we grew this year (13 in total!):

  • Yugoslavian
  • Russian Red
  • Chesnok Red
  • Persian Star
  • Leningrad
  • Musica
  • Cuban Purple Creole
  • Purple Creole
  • Purple Glazer Creole
  • Burgundy Creole
  • Spanish Morado Creole
  • Genki Creole
  • Native Creole

We grew some varieties in large number and will have them available for sale in a month or so. Some we are growing strictly for seed stock. If you are interested in purchasing garlic, email us at

Here are a few images from yesterday’s harvest in the Sunset neighbourhood of Vancouver. These are some of our Yugoslavian variety. Amazingly, this front yard had about 650 plants!

Mid spring growth
2/3 of the harvest
Fragrant piles of garlic tempting sidewalk strollers
Pete doing a preliminary prep for curing

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