September 22nd CSA Harvest & Pick-Up

 A few indicators that Fall officially arrived yesterday afternoon:
1. Rain. A good Vancouver soaking with small breaks that make you think that the rain might be letting up, then it rains more and sideways. The summer sunshine has made us soft.

2. Veggie Shift: beets, turnips, radishes and kohlrabi this week. The cool weather crops are ready to make their late season appearance and fill your soups and stews with flavour and nutrients. Welcome back friends.

With that in mind, we still have lots of tomatoes and beans in the garden – a lingering taste of summer to ease the transition.

Slideshow: In the gardens

2 with rain gear, one without. Is denim water-proof?

A nice haul from a few rows of beans
True test of a farm hand: showing up and smiling on a rainy Sunday morning
Touchstone Gold Beets!

This Week’s CSA Items:
– Radishes, French Breakfast
– Collard Greens, Champion
– Turnips, Tokyo Whites
– Beets, Touchstone Gold
– Bush Beans, Carson Yellow & Dragon Tongue
– Head Lettuce, Tom Thumb
– Kohlrabi, Kongo

Nice, mild radishes this week
Brassica oleracea, Gongylodes
Get those greens in a soup or stir-fry right away!
Nothing common about these Beta vulgaris specimens
Lovely collards
Fistfuls of beans!

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Often, I feel like radishes don’t get the respect they deserve – they’re easy to grow, quick to mature (28 days for many varieties), like cool weather, have punch-in-the-face flavour and delicious greens (perfect in soup and stir-fry).

Often, I am the first to trash-talk the radish once real vegetables are ready later on in the season.  So before the inevitable betrayal occurs, here’s some photos to honour the radish.

French Breakfast variety

Reds from the Easter Egg blend

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Cold Frames for Cold Lovers

A posting about frigidity? Sort of. Really it’s more about the not-secret lives of plants: some like it hot, others do not. So we have certain seeds starting in a small section of the tropics partitioned off from the rest of Vancouver through a translucent medium, and others, the cold tolerant, perhaps -philic, are germinating in our cold frames – an environmental step up from the grim and callous outdoors, yet by no means sultry and steamy like our greenhouse digs.

Images for Clair(e)ity”

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Like a good stitch, sown tightly
The Lt and his new recruits
Coldframes: up-cycling at its best.
Taking care of the little ones.

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Cool Weather Crops

The hot weather a few weeks back was a bit of a teaser. If you have tomatoes in your garden, uncovered, I bet they look a little chagrin – we do too, with a tinge of anxiety that is commonly felt when one’s livelihood is tied to the weather.

But it’s not all bad, here are some shots of a few cool weather crops that are doing peachy.

Transplanting bok choi a couple weeks back
Not bad!
Kale (sigh)

Our first CSA box is still tentatively scheduled for June 17th. We will send out an email to all members with a week’s notice.

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