2018 Inner City Farms Urban Farming Internship

We are now accepting internship applications for the 2018 urban farming season! Apply! Join us!!


Inner City Farms is looking to build another amazing farm team for the 2018 season. If you want to farm our city, do consider the experience. We want to get our team sorted in good time so please apply soon!

ICF front yard farm


It’s a volunteer position that requires a season-long commitment. We work hard and we have a lot of fun. And we eat well. Successful applicants will farm alongside our Head Farmer (me!) Camil one day a week (minimum requirement). Our work days are about 8 hours, we start early and we end mid-afternoon. We run from May 1 to Dec 1 (roughly). All of our farm sites are in the City of Vancouver.

Farmer Suho with interns Grace, Noa, Olivia & Taylor, of the 2017 farm team, also: cabbages!


Our farm is nearly 10 years old and we have been running the internship since 2012. We are a non-profit society with goals of gently and constructively resisting the damage caused by our dominant, industrial food system. We have built a network of front and backyard “farms” throughout Vancouver that we aim to farm sustainably. We grow beautiful food. We run a CSA program and supply some of the best chefs in town with our produce. We collaborate with all sorts of other interesting people running interesting projects. It’s a sustainability and community-building project grounded in local food growing, sound good?

Former ICF intern Ross, proud of Garlic, 2013


All levels of farm experience are considered. Note: If you are a UBC student, you may be able to earn academic credit for the internship through our affiliation with the Faculty Land and Food Systems (please mention any interest in this in your application & I will provide more info).

Mahin, ICF intern 2014, raspberries.


To apply: Please send a cover letter (no more than one page) that outlines why you think a season-long farming internship at ICF would be right for you and why you would be right for the farm as well. Please attach your resume. Send applications by email to: info@innercityfarms.com



Camil Dumont, Head Farmer


Me (Camil) amongst Vegetables



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First, a word of warning: the CSA prices that were listed on our website were for last season, so while we await a new and improved site, here is the accurate 2014 pricing information. 

We still have some vegetable CSA shares available for 2014 and we would love to be growing vegetables for you and yours this year, please consider signing up!

A membership to our 2014 CSA is $480. We started Sunday, June 22 and we will be running right through until some point in mid/late October, weather dependent. We aim for 18-20 weeks of veggies. Our pick-up is always Sunday afternoons at Le Marché St. George at E 28th & St. George, in the back yard, so thats when you come and collect your share. We will be ready for you by 2pm, as we harvest that very morning, and we will be there until 5pm guaranteed, sometimes we linger a bit later. Unclaimed shares, for folks who can’t make that time window, are packed up and tucked safely away for late-comers. Any unclaimed shares by noon the following day are donated to a local soup kitchen to minimize food waste. 

Note: we do not supply shares for the long weekends during the season (BC Day and Labour Day) as too many members were missing those pick-ups and our team & the gardens benefit from the break in the action.

Shares vary in size & content week to week but our goal is to grow as much beautiful food for you as possible. There are no guarantees on volume, but this is our 5th year and so far so good. We aim to have 4-6 items for you each week. We almost always have a leafy green such as kale, collards or swiss chard, delicious & nutritious! If you would like to see what we had last year please check out posts on this blog from last season and scroll back through the weeks to get a sense of the produce we grew. There are a few changes to the crop plan this year, but it should give you an idea.

We use organic methods but are not certified. Our entire network of gardens is located within the City of Vancouver, in front and back yards offered to us by folks in the community who believe in the project. Nearly all our labour is volunteer, and more than anything, this project is a labour of love. Thank you very much for prioritizing a movement toward more healthy and sustainable food systems and for considering investing in our urban farm this season through the purchase of a CSA membership. If you have any more questions, please get in touch. We are happy to set a share aside for you if you so choose. And if you want to reserve a share, email us and request one asap, they are limited. We will confirm and we can can sort out the payment details at the first pick-up, on Sunday (Note: cash or cheque payment is best and we also accept credit cards.) 

All our best,

The Inner City Farmers

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Internship posting for 2014


2014 Internships
Inner City Farms is now accepting applications for our 2014 urban farming internship. Interns will learn to farm and manage a network of small vegetable plots built primarily in residential spaces throughout Vancouver.
Commitment: Minimum of one 8hr work shift from Monday to Friday and a 4-8hr shift every other Sunday morning.

      – Weekday shifts will be spent alongside our head farmer
– Sundays will be based around our CSA harvest 

This is a volunteer position at this time. There will be occasional workdays as of early April, full hours will start early May. The season will last through October.

If interested, please send a resume and a paragraph to info@innercityfarms.com outlining your qualifications, interests, and why an urban farming internship is something that you would like to take on.

Inner City Farms will contact prospective interns for in-person interviews.

Farm this city!

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Mental (Mc)Nugget

Food tastes better when shared with good people, and it’s always nice to have good conversation between mouthfuls. So here’s a pickle for the dinner table or lunchroom. I cut and pasted it from an article published by Richard Bawden and friends. Richard is a visionary from down under who has been quietly transforming what it means to work towards sustainable food systems since the ’70s.

Congenital blindness is a condition that occurs in some strains of poultry. In the wild, such afflicted chickens die soon after hatching. If hand-reared, however, they can thrive and can be kept in intensive conditions with much less stress than sighted birds and are therefore much more productive. Would you buy eggs from blind chickens?

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Sunset Tomatoes

Last year, we had a tomato fiasco. It hurt. We were pretty enthusiastic and had about 15-20 varieties going all at once, in one yard. Then, collapse. Disease spread early and quick and wiped them all out. But quick as knives in a fork shop, we did some reflecting over the winter and switched up our strategies. Now we have fewer varieties in more yards.

The following pics are from one of our sites in the Sunset neighbourhood. It’s a little oven of a backyard and gets full sun, beauty soil too. We’re putting our hearts on the line again this year for some sun-kissed tomatoes! Inshallah.

Beds weeded and ready for action back in late spring
Idle hands are bad news, so weeds must be good news.

Post weeding, staking in progress
Hells ya Rosalind!

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Cat blog posting, round 2

Due to high demand, we will continue to dedicate blog posts to Cats in the Gardens as they emerge. This particular incident unfolded quite spontaneously and somewhat unfavorably for the once-a-week-farmer. Of note: look who elbows his (her?) way into the spotlight as well – kohlrabi. Typical.

And for those readers whose appetite for on-line feline adventures is not satiated from these images, here’s a feast in the making.

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Weekly progress

Plants dig heat and sunshine. Here are a few highlights from this week’s hard work in the gardens around Vancouver…actually, full disclosure, these photos are from gardens across the street from each other in the beautiful, and fertile, Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

Intern Claire back in action, showcasing some cauliflower.
Just organic matter, microbes and love in this soil.
Farmer Cam tending the tomatoes.

Looking forward to a good harvest tomorrow and seeing our lovely shareholders at the Marche.

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Urban farm visit in California

Urban Ag is going strong in the Bay Area, just as it is in so many cities across North America and, of course, the world. Most places around the world have never stopped growing food close to home, it’s nice to see a renewed understanding of the role of food in our lives in our region. This is another great connection facilitated by food, meeting new food denizens…

Many, many thanks to the Urban Adamah folk for putting us up over the past few days in Berkeley. We have had the fortune of spending nights and early mornings in the presence of some blessed veggies.

Many hands make light work.

Make hay while the sun is shining.

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Will Stroet Video – Full of Beans

Hi all,

Check out our friend (and CSA shareholder!) Will Stroet’s newest video Full of Beans. Will is a local children’s musician getting a lot of press for his fun, engaging and educational music. This song will get your kids loving all the veggies that will be coming out of the gardens, into the kitchen and onto their plates!

Go to Will’s website for more info about Will, his CDs and where to catch him live.

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Two Food Events with ICF


There are 2 food events coming up this week in which we are involved (short notice, apologies). Click on the links below for more info.

Projecting Change Film Festival
Film: Dive
Wednesday, April 18th at 9pm
ICF is part of the post-film panel discussion

Wheely Slow Cooking Tour
Thursday, April 19th at 7pm
We’re part of the panel here as well.

Hope to see y’all soon!

Mills has a gentle demeanor, even with old Bluebird.

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